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Temperature and Face Recognition Tablet

for Individual Scanning and Access

InVid Tech is introducing a new product to measure

an individual's temperature. The tablet can accurately

read the temperature of a single person with an accuracy

of <0.54° degrees Fahrenheit. You can customize the

system to alert you when anyone passes through whose

temperature is above the threshold set. 

This product offers individual temperature readings at a short-range distance of about 1-1.5 feet. The short-range measuring distance prevents the need for constant calibration. It can also do Facial Recognition to move extended range of about 1 - 6.5 feet. The Temperature Tablet can store up to 20,000 faces with the optional NVR unit. Integrate this unit with your access control system to allow access to restricted areas. The unit can detect if a person is wearing a mask and will instruct them to put on a mask before allowing access. Notifying individuals with additional integrated messages. 

This device will work effectively in many scenarios where there are limited amounts of people passing through that need to be scanned. For example, offices and buildings are a great option to utilize this device. Give access to select people at certain times while making sure that their temperature is within a safe range. For locations that have many people and to be able to avoid lines, we recommend the Body Temperature Camera System, which scans multiple people simultaneously.  

Download .pdf 
Download .pdf 
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