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Introduction to KeyInCloud

The core KeyInCloud platform was developed and introduced in 2011 and our

software development team were early pioneers in the Cloud Based Access and

WiFi Smart Lock marketplace. Today our Cloud Platform manages almost 500,000

openings across the globe.

Platform Overview

KeyInCloud offers a Cloud Based Access Control and Management Platform that eliminates the need for any Premise based PC's/Software, Panels or wiring infrastructure on Premise. We utilize your WiFi Network to communication and manage edge devices via the Cloud.

Web Management

The KeyInCloud platform offers a very intuitive user friendly browser-based interface

that allows anyone to easily manage the system, add & delete users, and manage

access even on their first login. With no on-site software or system server needed,

we have taken the complexity out of your Access Control management as well as

the need for IT staffing to manage your system and greatly reduced the cost. 

Mobile Apps for Management and Monitoring

The KeyInCloud platform includes Mobile friendly apps available for iOS and Android devices. Monitor lock useage and set-up temporary or permanent codes for one or hundreds of locks all from the same platform with your mobile device. Receive Text Alerts or e-mails based on user defined activities.

Return on Investment for ACaaS

1. Eliminate Premise Hardware

2. Remote Management and Control

3. Reduce Capital Expenditure

4. Secure & Reliable Platform

5. Labor/Time Saving

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