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The KIC 2500 Series is a Wi-Fi enabled edge controller & reader combo, removing the need for a separate controller and dedicated hard wiring. Modular by design, this wall or door mounted keypad can be powered via a 12v transformer or 4 x AA batteries. Connect multiple types of locking mechanisms including electric strikes, mag locks, intercoms, lockers and more.

Best of all, this minimalist approach enables the door to remain free of additional hardware. There is a growing demand from architects and designers for hidden smart lock solutions.



  • Designed to be easy to install, connect,  manage and use.

  • Embedded Wi-Fi for standard connectivity. No gateway or hub required.

  • Remote control and monitoring from anywhere using your smartphone or laptop. 

  • Supports passage mode, auto-lock mode and passage schedules

  • Lock retains all programming and data even in the event of power outage or internet interruption.

  • Secure bi-directional encryption

  • PIN as standard. Prox card, Algorithm & Mobile Credential available.
  • Set notifications for user entry and alerts for unexpected issues.

  • Permanent Wi-Fi connection for instant real time control and updates.

  • Utilise temporary codes for guests and visitor management.

  • 110v/12v or battery powered

    Works with all KeyInCode Locksets (KIC-5510, KIC-5560, KIC-5550).

  • Existing door hardware can remain in place, great for period doors.


$597.00 Regular Price
$507.45Sale Price
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