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The BL4400 ECP series is our medium tier of marine grade, Easicode Pro locks. Designed for use on timber gates, this unit comes with fully marine grade, stainless steel fixings and specially e-plated marine grade material to survive arduous conditions.


This unit comes with a lever handle keypad, an uncoded lever handle and a 2 3/8″ tubular dead-latch.


The BL4400 ECP series uses the same keypad found on our popular BL3400 ECP series. Equipped with a range of different latches and fixings, this medium-heavy duty range of locks is coated in the specialist MG Pro coating to allow it the survive in the harshest conditions.


The BL4401 is fitted with a 2 3/8″ tubular dead-latch, also coated with the same MG Pro coating, and is designed to suit door thicknesses up to 3 1/8″ by standard.


With this, comes the Easicode Pro coding chamber. A unique, patented product from ourselves, this carries a “on the door” code change method, eliminating the 10-15 minutes of hassle and eliminates any risk of damage caused by a faulty code change.


This model is designed to work as a medium-heavy duty model for external use. Sharing the same footprint as the BL2600 and BL4400 ECP, this can be used as a direct upgrade without the need of filling or drilling new holes. This is suited and designed for use on external wooden and timber gate applications.

BL4401 ECP - Marine grade, free turning level ECP, level handle & 2 3/8" latch

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