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The BL3030 is a range created with space in mind. Offering a smaller keypad compared to the other metal gate locks, this marine-grade, weather-proof lock is retrofit on most available solutions. Available in both left hand and right handed setups. A adaptor kit is available to suit 5 1/2″ fixing centres.


Combining a specially designed lockcase with a marine grade keypad, the BL3080 ‘Mini’ gate lock series is designedfor metal box section gates. With a reversible push/ pull pad built into the unit, this allows quick exit from the premises. The BL3080 ‘Mini’ gate lock comes with a concealed ‘on the door’ code change button, allowing quick a quick and easy code change without the need of removing the whole keypad. Simply take of the shield concealing the code change button. This lock is suitable for 1 9/16″ – 2 3/8″ gates and comes with two M8 bolt xings. An adaptor plateis available as an additional extra, designed to retro-to 5 1/2″ locks. Fully reversible on site and coated in a specialist e-plating for complete external use, it’s designed for harsh conditions and for most styles of metal box section gate.

BL3080 - Mini gate lock w/knob keypad, push/pull pad & concealed code change

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