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The BL2901 ECP is one of our entry level models making up the Easicode Pro range. Fully mechanical and with a simplistic design, the model provides automatic locking until such a time that the correct code is entered.

Separating the Easicode Pro range from the conventional locks is the patented “On the door” code change method. With this, the long and drawn out method of removing tumblers from the back of the keypad is over, cutting down what could be a 10-15 minute job to one that takes only 30 seconds.

The keypad itself has over 4000 combinations, is cycle tested to 50,000 operations and is suited for internal doors where unauthorized entry is risk. Fitted with a easy grip, anti-ligature thumb turn, this is designed as a replacement for any of the BL2000 series. This lock comes with a tubular dead-latch that comes in three different sizes: the 2″, the 2 3/8″ and 2 3/4″ backsets.

This keypad is ideal for light duty, access control solutions and is suited for internal wooden or composite doors.

BL2901 ECP - Tubular latch, anti-ligature ECP keypad and paddle with holdback

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