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The BL2402 ECP offers a medium duty equivalent, lever handle upgrade to our BL2000 series. This model is fitted with our patented Easicode Pro coding chamber, allowing quick and easy on the door code change.


This comes with a Easicode Pro keypad, a internal inner handle and a 1 1/16″ Ali latch.


The BL2402 ECP works as a direct lever handle upgrade for the standard BL2000 ECP series. Offering a medium duty rating and a free turning lever handle with all the holdback benefits of the Bl2200, this lock is designed as a direct upgrade for situations where a knob turn handle simply can’t be used by everyone.


Separating the Easicode Pro range from the conventional locks is the patented “On the door” code change method. With this, the long and drawn out method of removing tumblers from the back of the keypad is over, cutting down what could be a 10-15 minute job to one that takes only 30 seconds.


The keypad has been cycle tested for up to 50,000 cycles and has a potential of 4000 different combinations.


This particular variant comes fitted with a specialist 1 1/16″ Ali latch. This is specifically designed for narrow stile aluminium doors and features hardened steel pins with a separate anti-thrust pin. The BL2402 ECP is suited for internal, medium duty, narrow stile doors made from wood, composite materials or aluminium.

BL2402 ECP - 11/8" ali latch, turning lever, handle with optional ECP code

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