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The BL7000 is our solution to the heavy duty specification, ideal for high traffic areas.


Designed to provide a reliable solution for such a application, the BL7000 was designed to share a footprint with other popular heavy duty locks on the market, such at the Unican 1000 & 5000 to make switching over easy. Code changing was also made far easier with the easicode system, allowing a on the door code change and free passage function from the internal handle preventing any unauthorized code change attempts.


This lock was manufactured with stainless steel coding to ensure it’s longevity and allowing it to operate externally. This variation on the BL7000 series does not come fitted with any latch and is designed to work with a pre-fitted set up or as a replacement keypad.


The unit is a heavy duty lock and is suitable for use internally and externally on wooden, composite and steel doors.

BL7000 - Heavy duty lever w/internal handle & code change functionality

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