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The BL6002 is our unique design, incorporating the need for a narrow stile door section lock not often seen on the market. With a body width of just 1 3/4″, this lock is ideal for areas where conventional locks just wont fit including UPVC doors.


This lock incorporates a single column of 8 buttons, each offering a double button press system, allowing digits to appear twice in the code. The free turning handle is permanently clutched to provide no handle resistance if the correct code is not entered. This model also features a free passage mode that, when enabled, bypasses the coding chamber to allow access without the need of entering the code all of the time until it is disabled once more. This mode is optional and can be fully disabled should it never be needed.


The BL6002 is supplied with a 1 1/8″ ‘Ali’ latch for use on narrow stile doors where a standard mortise latch will be too large.


Due to the handle rotation, this is ideal for use with multi-point latches. This lock is suitable for internal and sheltered external narrow stile UPVC, aluminium, composite and wooden doors and is grade.

BL6002 AR - Narrow stile, heavy duty keypad w/1 1/8" ali latch & passage mode

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