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The BL5000 series represents a medium to heavy duty lock with a fully clutched, round bar handle. This keypad comes with an optional free passage mode, allowing a bypass of the coding mechanism. The BL5702 ECP is fitted with an easicode pro coding mechanism, allowing on the door code change. Furthermore, a key cylinder built into the handle itself allows a key override function.


This unit comes with a 1 1/8″ ali latch, designed for narrow stile door frames or aluminium door sets.


The BL5700 ECP series acts as a specialist unit in our already popular BL5000 series. With a key by-pass fitted into the handle itself, this offers an option not often seen on other medium-heavy duty keypads seen on the market currently.


Each BL5702 ECP offers a optional free passage mode, enabling a bypass mode to deactivate the coding chamber. Until deactivated, this allows you to enter without the need to enter the code.


With this, comes the Easicode Pro coding chamber. A unique, patented product from ourselves, this carries a “on the door” code change method, eliminating the 10-15 minutes of hassle and eliminates any risk of damage caused by a faulty code change.


This variation comes with a 1 1/8″ latch. Suitable for narrow stile doors, both internal and sheltered external.

BL5702 ECP - Lever turn keypad with built-in key override, and 1 1/8" ali latch

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